• ACR Conference (map)
  • 151 Canada Olympic Dr SW
  • Calgary, AB, T3H 4E5
  • Canada

Condo Owners Form of South Alberta is a new group focused on enhancing communication and education among condominium owners for the improved management of our homes and corporations. In this presentation we will provide feedback on owners concerns and seek input from participants on how owners can improve condo governance. While the condominium industry is well organized with many organizations enhancing knowledge and professionalism, condo owners / board members are frequently isolated, lacking in knowledge about condo management, governance and their responsibilities as owners and board members despite the best efforts of CCI, ACMA and REIC. Through networking and peronal development, we want to facilitate condo owner knowledge and training for the betterment of owners and the industry.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of courses and training, much of it free, to help condo owners and boards improve their knowledge
  • Have better understanding of condo owner concerns and issues
  • Those working with condos can provide feedback to owners on how to improve condo experience.