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Condominium Manager Licensing and Regulation Project

In December 2014, the Government of Alberta passed amendments to the Condominium Property Act and the Real Estate Act in response to Albertan’s strong desire for improvements to the condominium environment in Alberta.

Once in force, the amendments to the Real Estate Act mean condominium managers will require a license and will need to comply with standards of conduct. The Government of Alberta delegated regulatory authority to the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) to govern people supplying condominium management services to condominium corporations. RECA is working toward implementing the Real Estate Act amendments with stakeholders, including condominium managers, government, condominium owners, the public and the real estate industry.

This presentation will update you about RECA’s progress toward full implementation of the Real Estate Act amendments for condominium manager regulation in Alberta. It will describe

·         changes to the Real Estate Act

·         outcomes from the extensive consultation in Phase 1 of RECA’s implementation  

·         how the development of Real Estate Act Rules in Phase 2 of RECA’s implementation will further define and support condominium manager regulation.

Come give us your thoughts about these topics and more to improve the condominium manager sector in Alberta.

Tamara Mutemwa - Condominium Manager Project Coordinator

Tamara Mutemwa - Condominium Manager Project Coordinator