• ACR Conference (map)
  • 151 Canada Olympic Dr SW
  • Calgary, AB, T3H 4E5
  • Canada

It is a stormy Friday afternoon and you get the dreaded phone call from a unit owner – there is water leaking through the wall and pooling on my floor!  As a building owner or representative this has happened to you, and if not yet, it will soon! Please join us as we explore what the building envelope is, how water can leak through it, and the process of investigation, repairs, and monitoring that typically follows a water leakage event.  We will also share some first-hand accounts of leakage and repairs from recent projects.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • A basic understanding of what the building envelope is and it’s function
  • Some common failure mechanisms that lead to water leakage
  • What information to gather and track when a water leak is reported
  • An understanding of the process taken by the consultant in investigating water leaks and in developing a repair strategy
  • How keeping records of water leaks can help with investigations, repairs, and capital planning / reserve fund planning.