Disruptive Energy Transition. EV , Lights… Action!


Electric vehicles are expected to grow rapidly after 2020 when the price is comparable to gasoline vehicles with much lower operating costs. However the charging infrastructure in multifamily residential buildings is going to be limited by the power requirement.


Kae Shummoogum P.Eng has an Engineering Degree from City University in London, England. He founded Gasonic Instruments in 1985 to service a growing need for hazardous gas detection and indoor air quality monitoring in commercial buildings mainly underground parking garages.

In 1995, he founded EnviroRentals to rent environmental testing instruments for both indoor and outdoor environmental consultants.

In 2016 he founded EnviroLight Retrofit and Recycling (a social enterprise of the Gasonic Group) to introduce a Zero Waste Recycling system for mercury filled Fluorescent Light bulbs.

 In order to reduce his own carbon footprint, he replaced his vehicle fleet with hybrid vehicles 25 years ago and bought a full Electric vehicle-the Nissan Leaf 4 years ago. Since then he has added a Tesla model S and 3 to his fleet. He enjoys teaching the next generation about zero emissions mobility choices at schools, the Major’s Environmental Expo and other Environmental teaching venues.

Gasonic Group Ltd.

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