Human rights: Everyone Has them!


The Alberta Human Rights Act applies to condominium corporations and protects members of the public against discrimination on a number of protected grounds. Does your board understand The Act and their duty to accommodate? Accessibility, age restrictions and service issues are some of the areas you need to understand. How do you respond and investigate when you receive a complaint?


Hugh is actively involved in the legal community and regularly presents seminars on condominium law in Alberta for organizations such as the Legal Education Society of Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Condominium Institute, amongst others.

Along with his team at Willis Law LLP, Hugh regularly puts on seminars explaining changes to condominium law for condo owners and board members to attend. Hugh also serves as a mentor for the Law Society of Alberta in the area of condominium law issues.

In his personal time, Hugh like to spend his time with animals, including fish, rattlesnakes and pugs. Recently, the office fish procreated, and Hugh is now the proud legal guardian of eight baby guppies.

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