Disruptive Energy Transition. EV , Lights… Action!


Electric vehicles are expected to grow rapidly after 2020 when the price is comparable to gasoline vehicles with much lower operating costs. However the charging infrastructure in multifamily residential buildings is going to be limited by the power requirement.


Glen Gordon, P. Eng, MBA – Co-Founder and CEO,

Unico Power Corp

Careers are so much fun, that Glen is on his fourth.  He began with a stint in the Canadian Air Force, followed that with a decade at Nortel where he spent the last few years as the Director of Research and Development, and then led several large engineering teams and projects in Alberta.  What has been consistent throughout and what led him to his latest venture is his passion for innovation, technology, and leading people. 

As Co-Founder and CEO of Unico Power Corporation, Glen is focused on using the latest technology to deliver energy management solutions to multi-family buildings – helping condo owners who want to own an electric vehicle by making it easy for them to charge at home.

Unico Power Corporation

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